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Hello and welcome to the Student Wellness program! This is my fourth year as school counselor at Marin Primary & Middle School, though it’s my sixth year as an MP&MS parent. My 7 year old son Jack is in 2nd grade and my 4 year old daughter Zolene (Zoe if you know her well) is in preschool.

Fun fact: I am a graduate of MP&MS! I started after moving up from Long Beach – Kindergarten to 8th grade. Then after a decade of living on the east coast for college, a career in marketing and advertising in Los Angeles; following that, I moved back to San Francisco; and finally, onto Marin.

My husband Sean, Jack and Zoe, and our old bulldog Rocky can typically be found at the beach, on a hike, discussing the ins and outs of Pokemon, or dancing to the Frozen soundtrack for the 375th time. 

I earned a graduate degree in Counseling/Psychology from Dominican University and a Marriage & Family Therapist license, and since then have worked with clients ranging in age from 5 to 75.

In addition to working at MP&MS, I have a private practice where I work primarily with adolescents. I love working with kids because they are authentic, hopeful, and oh so unique. My goal is to help create and support resilient, compassionate, well-rounded students/humans.

At MP&MS I lean on collaboration with parents, teachers and staff, a “whole child” lens, and I treat every student that walks through my door with an individualized plan tailored to that child. I work with students one on one, in small groups, and love doing whole class work. 

I look forward to partnering with you and your family!

All the best, 
Kate Brubaker '96, P '28, '33

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Kate Brubaker

Kate Brubaker

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