Students discover the world through the David Hale Library Media Center. Not just a room full of books, the library is the heart of the school. From early morning to late afternoon, children and adults alike can be found enjoying a good book, checking in with the librarians for the next book recommendations, or gathering with friends to discuss books and life. The library collection includes children's picture books, junior fiction novels, reference books, curriculum-based non-fiction books, biographies, middle school fiction, professional and parenting resource books, and a video collection. 

The school library is a powerful resource in promoting cultural competency and in celebrating diversity in different forms. The library collection proudly includes materials that encompass the beliefs and ideologies of the diverse groups that are represented within and beyond our school population, as well as materials that help students develop respect, understanding, and appreciation of global cultures.

Across all grade levels, library has two full time staff that library specialists who works collaborate closely with the classroom and specialist teachers to use leverage library resources as tools to/that enhance the learning process, support curriculum, and extend the classroom experience.

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