Primary School

kindergarten through fourth grade

We engage children academically in an environment that embraces growth and honors the journey of learning. Each student is encouraged to connect to the people and ideas around them in the context of a joyous, creative, and challenging learning atmosphere.  

Our unique teams of teachers and low student-teacher ratio foster the development of meaningful relationships between teachers and students. Students feel grounded and known, which is crucial for strong social and emotional intelligence as well as engagement in learning. Our teaching model also facilitates a natural differentiation for individual learners. Students work in small groups or one-on-one with a teacher. Collaboration is key, and children spend much of their time learning by doing.

Our program emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking skills. Students are actively engaged in skill and concept building exercises and activities in individual, small group, and whole class lessons at every grade level. We focus on hands on and real world experiences, integrating our outdoor education center, projects lab, and other classes in lessons and projects to support the development of higher level thinking skills. Teachers encourage students to embrace growth and bring their authentic selves to school every day. 


Integrated themes challenge students to make connections, think critically, and collaborate through hands on learning experiences. Teams of teachers work together to create the foundation for a connected, curious, and courageous learning journey. 

Our approach provides students with opportunities to bring their own interests, passions, and learning styles to the classroom. In addition to core subjects which include language arts, math, science, social studies, and Spanish, the primary school program is enriched by specialist classes including drama, art, music (with chorus beginning in second grade), projects lab, physical education, library, and garden. Specialist teachers complement the classroom curriculum with enhanced content to enrich the learning experience and create a diverse program for our primary school students.

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Program Features

The primary school encompasses junior kindergarten through fourth grade. Each classroom has two full-time homeroom teachers, with each teacher leading lessons in at least two core subjects. This team teaching model allows for collaboration and communication between teams of teachers in relation to the needs of individuals or groups of students, as well as seamless integration of curriculum, multi-disciplinary units, and social-emotional learning opportunities. 



Dan Rogoff

Dan Rogoff

Primary School Director

In September 2018, the MP&MS community celebrated the grand opening of Julie’s Art Deck. Accommodating the latest
technology and resources, this flexible and unique learning space exemplifies our commitment to providing an outstanding STEAM education.