Tree School


Our children have the opportunity to find both stimulation and calmness in the woods, and in the open spaces, all at a pace that is often quite different from what is afforded by a traditional school setting. Spending time in nature through the seasons promotes inspiration, as a child observes the ways that the natural environment changes over time. Sometimes understanding comes from nature's abundance, but it can also come from observing the limitations it imposes. On top of this, there is nothing that helps build cohesiveness quite like an opportunity to have gone out to adventure together as peers, and to then return to campus as a group.

An abundance of research suggests that young children today could benefit from spending more time outdoors. Even before the onset of the “new normal”, families were facing intense schedules and inviting screens that made it increasingly difficult to find time to wander and wonder in nature.

We are fortunate to be able to offer terrific outdoor spaces at MP&MS, including the Outdoor Education Center (“the garden”) right on campus. Our Tree School program takes advantage of the richness of Marin’s local environment. Each preschool class has the opportunity to spend a morning of nature play off-campus once every 2-week cycle.