Learning Resource Program

The goal of the Learning Resource Program is to provide responsive support to ensure every child is making progress and experiencing success. When students feel grounded and known, they are able to reach their potential as learners. Connecting with students as individual learners is foundational to the LRP across grade levels.

Building Connections: LRP Specialists and Classroom Teachers Inspire Student Success

MP&MS teachers recognize and appreciate the unique learning profiles of our students, including their strengths and challenges. Learning specialists work with teachers to identify the best strategies to provide support and/or challenge for students in their classrooms. They also work directly with small groups and individual students to strengthen skills and support academic success. As students discover how they learn best, they begin to develop the confidence, courage, and skills they need to become effective self-advocates.

The LRP is staffed by learning specialists and outside consultants to provide a variety of services to students, teachers, and parents. The learning specialists consult with classroom teachers and division directors, administer screenings and additional assessment as needed, and ensure the flow of communication about children’s learning needs as they move through the grades. When a need for student support or enrichment is identified, a team of teachers, parents, administrators, and other professionals develop a plan to address the child’s needs. The learning specialists and classroom teachers work in tandem to implement recommended classroom accommodations. Referrals for tutors, learning specialists, and other outside professionals are provided as needed.

“I am given the resources I need to reach each individual
student. Whether it is providing hands-on materials in the
classroom, bringing in LRC support, or connecting with
outside resources, the administration makes sure I have what I need to do my personal best teaching.”
-Sarah A.