Learning Resource Program

The goal of the Learning Resource Program is to provide responsive support to ensure every child is making progress and experiencing success. When students feel grounded and known, they are able to reach their potential as learners. Connecting with students as individual learners is foundational to the LRP across grade levels. We support students of all levels of learning and achievement.

What do we do?

  • Offer support to students who need remediation or scaffolding

  • Embed enrichment opportunities into our weekly and monthly program

  • Provide a warm, inclusive environment for students to be curious and courageous

  • Facilitate classroom or testing accommodations

  • Communicate with all stakeholders about student needs

  • Coordinate support from outside resources and providers

  • Maintain up-to-date learning profiles about each student’s strengths and areas for growth

Your child can access a world-class independent school education while being supported and known for their passions and strengths. We welcome a wide range of neurodiversity and learning styles, but are unable to provide 1:1 instructional or behavioral aides. Learn more about the Learning Resource Program.


Attitude Mag (Parenting kids with ADHD)

Impact Parents (Parenting kids with complex learning profiles)

Clarity Pediatrics (Behavioral Parent Training approach to ADHD)

Innovative Learning Services

Social Learning Works - Tips for Home

Inspirit AI Scholars: Project-Based Artificial Intelligence Learning for K-8

American Mensa: Membership requirements & benefits for intellectually gifted youth

Little Hands: Occupational Therapy and Speech/Language Services

Learning Specialists

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Sarah Abbey

Sarah Abbey

Learning Specialist
Nicole Artiga-Purcell

Nicole Artiga-Purcell

Learning Specialist
Kate Brubaker

Kate Brubaker

School Counselor
Mike Knapp

Mike Knapp

Learning Specialist

MP&MS MAP Testing Report 2023

Jen Tuten

Jen Tuten

Director of Learning Resources

If you have questions about how your child learns or whether they might benefit from a differentiated experience, please reach out to the Director of Learning Resources. 

“I am given the resources I need to reach each individual
student. Whether it is providing hands-on materials in the
classroom, bringing in LRC support, or connecting with
outside resources, the administration makes sure I have what I need to do my personal best teaching.”
-Sarah A.