Primary School

Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.

Curriculum by Grade

The primary school curriculum includes integrated themes that weave throughout several subject areas. Students are challenged to think critically and collaborate through hands-on learning experiences. Teams of teachers work together to create experiences that embody the mission of Marin Primary & Middle School. We “teach to reach children” and “teach children to reach” each and every day.

Team Teaching

Each of our primary school classrooms has two full-time homeroom teachers, with each teacher leading lessons in at least two academic subjects. This team teaching model allows for collaboration and communication between teams of teachers in relation to the needs of individuals or groups of students, as well as seamless integration of curriculum, multi-disciplinary units, and social/emotional learning opportunities. 

Classroom Schedules

Our teams of teachers design their daily and weekly schedules around the needs of their primary school students. The seven-day rotating schedule identifies each day with a letter (A-G) rather than a day of the week (M-F). The daily schedule allows for half-class splits for core academic subjects, with the other half of each class participating in specialist classes (art, music, drama, or Spanish), all which also rotate on a seven-day schedule. Teachers also design the most responsive and appropriate schedule for their class, including time with the whole class together and teaching of core content subjects.

Specialist Classes

All primary school students participate in each of our specialist classes through the entire school year. These classes include art, music, drama, physical education, and Spanish. Students attend specialist classes in half class groups to provide a smaller student-teacher ratio. 

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