At Marin Primary & Middle School, we believe that it’s deep connections–between students, with teachers, and with ideas–that help kids know themselves and push through boundaries in school and in life.  Our graduates benefit from self-confidence, self-awareness, and the courage that comes from solid connections.

Be Connected

Our world requires us to be problem solvers and collaborators. Students need an environment that honors the connection between individuals and between the pursuits and challenges they tackle. Connection is the “why” at MP&MS. 

Be Curious

Asking the right questions is more important than knowing all the answers. MP&MS teachers meet students where they are and encourages them to follow their interests and push past personal boundaries. When asked to think outside the box our students shine. At MP&MS curiosity leads the way.

Be Courageous

Marin Primary & Middle School creates an educational environment that honors the courage it takes to succeed—and the courage it takes to fail and press on. Learning perseverance is an essential step in the journey to adulthood.  In the classroom, in the arts, and on the playing field our students benefit from the courage that comes from solid connections.

"It’s evident that the MP&MS graduates we see have been encouraged to pursue their own curiosity. They emerge with a passion for inquiry and empathy that will last their whole lives."

—Head of School at a Bay Area Independent High School


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