Annual Fund Giving

2023 Donors

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Sarah Abbey and Carl Hammarskjold
Gaida Abuelqasem
Ellen Abrams
Shane Adler
American Endowment Foundation
Heather Amato
Shann Allcroft
Birgitte and Christopher Alafi
Nora Bailetti
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Amy Conger and Bret Ashworth
Nicole and Rutilio Artiga-Purcell
Starrs and William Arnot
Irina and Geoffrey Barnard
Stefanie and Joshua Baker
Molly and Adam Bain
Cindy Mah and Daydra Bell
Jessica Beckham
Bayhurst Foundation
Sherry Bartolucci
Maria and Nate Bosshard
Shawn and Haley Borisoff
Mead and Ari Blum
Sarah and Michael Blanchard
Megan and Derek Berka
Gary and Sara Bender
Carianne and Derek Brinkman
Sarah and Jesse Brewster
Kara and Russ Braun
Sari and Robert Bramble
Laura Bradley Davis and Jason Davis
Kimberly and Thomas Boyden
Maria and Hamir Cardenas
Kasi and Michael Campbell
Charlotte Butti
Jonathan Burgstone
Kate Brubaker and Sean Jacobs
Allison and Thomas Brown
Leené and Kevin Coleman
Dana and Brian Cole
Samantha Cline
Mariam and Peter Cline
Robert Charbonneau
Claire Charbonneau
Samantha and Shawn Cross
Carmen and James Crockett
Kara and Andrew Crawford
Dwight Cousin
Josephine and Jay Courant
Teri Hollowell and Greg Costopoulos
Kevin and Claire Conly
Chris and Dave DeMartini
Tess Deddo
Meredith and Mark Deason
Breanna and Wayne de Geere
Muscat Family
Jennifer Skeem and Ronald Dahl
John Cunningham
Ferenc Dobronyi
Clara and Samuel Ditter
Christine Cornier and Patricia Dinner
Grace Chang and James Dignan
Mark DeRango
Tammy Dempsey
Samareh Eskandaripour
Hanna and Stephen Ensley
Sarina and Sammy Elmariah
Jon and Julie Elam
Garrett and Erika Eesley
Lindsey Dwyer
Amy Dorie and Andrei Gorchov
Suzanne Fischer
Fidelity Charitable Fund
Casey and JB Ferrarone
Lovely Fernandez
Becky Fenster
Danielle Machotka and James Farley
Ravi and Amanda Fallon
Kelley and Grant Franceschi
Maria and Mark Forney
Gina Fontana
Natalie and Ian Fontana Brown
Emily and Erik Flynn
Silvia Flores-Vasquez
Carlos and Abbey Flores
Elizabeth and James Gassel
Megan Gardner
Jennifer and Charles Furcolo
Alison Niederer and Regan Fulton
Jessica Fullerton
Fullerton Family Foundation
Renee Lindquist and Jodi Freedman
Steve and Sarah Franklin
Kirsten and Jonathan Goff
Shulamit Glaubach
Brianna Giammasi
Morgan Robbat and Frank Giacomini
Nicola Bach and Adam Gebler
Sarah Berger and Brett Habermann
Phil and Robbie Gutierrez
Gillian Grisman
Alexis Graziose
Carter Graham
Freddy and Alix Gottesman
Julianne Gordon
Rachel and Jude Gomila
Jennifer Gollman
Marka Hansen and Joseph Brubaker
Kimberly and Christopher Hansen
John "JJ" and Camilla Hanley
Johanna and Jason Hall
Nicole and Bentley Hall
Betsy and Mike Haenel
Jane and Norman Habermann
Simmone LaCorte and Nicholas Heldfond
Catherine and Todd Hedrick
Whitt Bradshaw and Roberta Heath Bradshaw
Mairin and Brian Head
Kimberly and Kurt Hawks
Sally Hardwick
Robert and Stephanie Hardwick Johnstone
Elaine and Christopher Hansmeyer
Virginia Hodges
Cynthia Hiponia
Jose Higuera
Heather and David Hewlett
Miriam and Peter Hellwig
Heather and Brent Horowitz
Linda Hoopes
Darinee Hoonsuwan and Matthew Suidan
Holly and Rod Hooker
July and Ryan Johnson
Jessica Jimenez
Kirsten and Michael Jensen
Jordan and Brian Jaffee
Lisa and John Jackson
Susan Hwang and Joshua Reeves
Gray and Tate Huffard
Loni Mahanta and Peter Koob
Lisa King
Hilary King
Nicole and Adam Kilgore
Sylvia Keller
Dalel Jordan and Ricardo Vélez
Jimmy and Jana Leon
Dan Leibowitz
Jennifer Lee-Maes
Mitch and Lizzie Lee
Mona Lea
Sarah Lamb
Elyse and James Kurtowicz
Susanna Taylor and Jeffrey Koons
Kristin and David MacKnight
Elizabeth and Laurence Mackler
Aimee and William Macaitis
Stephanie Lyle
Chelsea and Adrian Ludwig
Jennifer Lucas
Jan and Rory Little
Margot Limm Holtzman
Cleya Ormiston and Mark Leverette
Thomas McAvoy
Krista and Bill Martin
Glenn and John W. Y. Martin, Jr.
Doreen and Frank Malin
Josh and Cici Malin
Laura and Ramin Malekian
Paul Maes
Sasha and Paul Macomber
Tarryn McGregor
Katie McGee
Sarah McCoy and Chris Catalano
Deb and Greg McCoy
Elizabeth and James McCormick
Michael McCarthy
Andie and Bo Moody
Julia Mitrevski and Winston Chiong
Heather and Matthew Miller
Jacqueline and Craig Miller
Sally Lowder and Jesse Menayan
Nicole and Stone Melet
Rachel and Ryan McKim
Karen and Robert McHugh
Claire McHugh '17
National Philanthropic Trust
Caitlin and Aftim Nassar
Eva and David Munson
Kristine and Russell Munro
Maeve and Daniel Mosher
Amanda and Peter Mortimer
Katie and Dave Moore
Elyse and Matthew Omernick
Teresa and Keith Nothacker
Alexandra and Philip Norris
Anna Nordberg and Brant Thompson
Riley and Alexandra Newman
Tamara and Isaac Neuhaus
Neuhaus Family Charitable Fund
Cindy and Mark Pigott
Mikayla Paule
Ledlie and Benjamin Pastor
Maureen and Aaron Passey
Claire and James Paquette
Mikaela and Todd Palmerton
Lily Pachas
Caren and Nick Orum
Darcy Mackay and Keith Orlesky
William Richardson and Jannica Jusslin
Malia Joiner and Charles Raven
Christian and Christine Raschke
Kanti and Susan Rai
Andre Portale
Jennifer Poon and Eric Yang
Tony Pogrel
Helen Pogrel
Skye and Donaldson Pillsbury
Stefanie Weinstein and Anthony Sajewicz
Eric Ryan
Greg and Claudia Ryan
Dan Rogoff
Adrienne and Jeff Rogers
Matt and Andrea Roberts
Pollie and Douglas Robbins
Ricco Siasoco
Lindsey and Dennis Shin
Trisha and Greg Sherman
Eileen and Christopher Sheldon
Toby and Larry Shawn
Annie Nelson and Alfred Seccombe
Schwab Charitable Fund
Tanja Schulte-Irwin
Jeannette Santillan-Gray
Meg and Mattie Stone
Livia and Biz Stone
Lauren and John Stafford
Natalie and Chris Stafford
Guiv and Deborah Soofer
Matthew and Katie Soldo
Brian Snyder
Justin Smith
Alexandra Siliezar
Linda Koons and Sue Taylor
Amy and Jeff Taylor
Emily D'Aniello and Abdi Tajbakhsh
Amalia and Ware Sykes
Eve and Jesse Swagerty
Susan and Christopher Summers
Sheri and Todd Suko
Victoria Ulrich
Nicole Laborde and Dylan Turner
Erika and John Tilney
Erin and Preston Thrasher
Marianne Thomas
The Swig Foundation
The McBurney Foundation
The Joseph and Mercedes McMicking Foundation
The Flores Family Fund
Wayne and Sarah Wight
Sarah Westmoreland
Meike and Richard Wanberg
Ilya and Marina Voloshin
Turner and Andrew Varady
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Stephanie Vandrick
Leaza and Robert Urban
Kristen Zeitzer
Laura and David Young
Stephanie and David Yatzeck
Alexandra and Geoffrey Yamasaki
Rebecca Wunderlich
Michael Wray
Cindy and Christopher Winship
Anonymous (19)

Annual Fund Giving

The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of fundraising at MP&MS and relies on the generosity of current parents, alumni, trustees, employees, grandparents, and friends. Along with tuition, the Annual Fund supports the day-to-day operations of the school. The addition of Annual Fund dollars also helps keep tuition as affordable as possible by meaningfully contributing to the operating budget.

Annual Fund dollars make it possible for us to attract and retain the best faculty, provide professional development opportunities for our staff, fund programs in art, athletics, and music, and purchase classroom materials, information technology, and other equipment. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation!  We are grateful for all donations, regardless of size. Our leadership giving begins at $7,500.

Gifts of cash, typically payable by check or credit card, or gifts of stock are tax-deductible and provide immediate funds to the school. Click below for easy online giving. 

make a donation

MP&MS Annual Fund Snapshot

Annual Fund Facts: Every independent school relies on two revenue streams each year: tuition dollars and philanthropic donations.

  • Donations to the Annual Fund are an essential part of our operating budget.
  • Donations are also tax deductible, so families can enjoy that benefit when you make your gift.

Annual Fund Impact: The Annual Fund allows us to treasure childhood every day. A strong Annual Fund makes a good school great. Its impacts are many:

  • Salaries and professional development for our hard-working teachers

  • A low student to teacher ratio so that every student is known and nurtured

  • Funding for our art, music, drama, and athletic programs

  • A robust tuition assistance program that allows us to open our doors to wonderful families every year.