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Curious about how fundraising supports Marin Primary & Middle School?  Learn more about how the development office advances the way we live, thrive, grow, and connect. 

Annual Fund

TO LIVE—Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is the cornerstone of fundraising at MP&MS and relies on the generosity of current parents, alumni, trustees, employees, grandparents, and friends. Along with tuition, the Annual Fund supports the day-to-day operations of the school. The addition of Annual Fund dollars also helps keep tuition as affordable as possible by meaningfully contributing to the operating budget. Annual Fund dollars make it possible for us to attract and retain the best faculty, provide professional development opportunities for our staff, fund programs in art, athletics, and music, and purchase classroom materials, information technology, and other equipment. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation!  We are grateful for all donations, regardless of size. Our leadership giving begins at $7,500.


Fund for Financial Aid

TO THRIVE–Fund For Financial Aid

Marin Primary & Middle School has made a permanent commitment to the financial aid program through the creation of the Fund for Financial Aid. As we work to prepare our students for success in school and in life, we know that we must model the socio-economic spectrum of diversity beyond our campus. In concert with the school’s mission and values, this fund will support our commitment to financial aid and the resulting benefits it provides in perpetuity.  For a school such as ours that is still relatively young, this fund creates an extraordinary opportunity and represents an important step towards long term sustainability. Our commitment to a vibrantly diverse student body is at the center of this initiative. Establishing a restricted fund will mean greater access for more students with financial need now and into the future. To inquire about making a gift to the Fund for Financial Aid, click here

Capital Campaign

TO GROW—Capital Campaign

A capital campaign is an intensive fundraising effort designed to meet the long-term needs of an organization. These needs can include the construction of new buildings, renovation of existing buildings, acquisition of equipment, and additions to endowment. Capital projects address the fact that exceptional teaching must take place with excellent tools, including classrooms that accommodate the latest technology as well as enough space to climb, play, learn, and gather outdoors. Examples of capital projects in recent years include the playground remodel, new science lab, upgraded restroom facilities, improved ADA accessibility, outdoor amphitheater, and updated garden classroom.



Auction & Gala

TO CONNECT—Annual Auction & Gala

The annual auction, hosted by the MP&MS Parents Association, is the school’s premier fundraising event and provides a valuable contribution to both the school’s annual operating budget and Fund A Need campaign. Each year, the MP&MS community comes together to contribute the time, money, and resources necessary to produce this amazing fundraiser. This event is always an impressive and memorable night out. Support and participation from our community for the auction, as well as sponsorships and underwriting, help to make this event a success. To get involved in this year's auction, click here

"We have small class sizes, low student-teacher ratios, an amazing arts program, an incredible community, and events that tie us all together.  We know giving supports all of this and we wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else." - Ali W., middle school parent