Virtual Alumni JamFest 2020

This year's all-virtual alumni JamFest brought together MP&MS performers who shared their amazing talents with creativity and innovation during this time of social distancing. Veteran MP&MS music teachers Michael Wray and Jason Jones joined alumni to collaborate in this memorable event–it was truly a way to reconnect and be part of the MP&MS community while staying safely apart. While we all love getting together in person for this jam-packed alumni event, we are ever grateful to our alumni and extended MP&MS family for making this year uniquely special and original, under particularly challenging circumstances.

Special thanks to Michael Wray for his extensive work on production, communications, and video editing to make this Virtual JamFest a reality!

We look forward to many more alumni events, both virtual and in-person. 


performed by Miles Schon

performed by Josie & Liam Calder

performed by Beatrix Battelle

performed by Zoe & Jake Holtzman and John & Alex Rusbarsky

performed by Dakota Ashe, Aidan Landers, Alex Lepyansky, Max Mohan and Tiago Tremmel

performed by Cassidy Fragakis

performed by Julia Pearl-Styles

performed by Jeremy Kaplan

performed by Erika Mott and Miles Schon

"Marin Primary & Middle School made me feel comfortable to be myself. My teachers encouraged me to make decisions not because someone else thought I should, but because it meant something to me." —Zoe H., Class of 2016