Marin Primary & Middle School graduates stand out. While others might prioritize memorization, it’s understanding ourselves and each other that we value here. Our students know how to make the kinds of connections—between people and concepts—that inspire growth and discovery. That journey continues to unfold when our students graduate and embark on their lives beyond MP&MS. 

Alumni are important members of the extended MP&MS community. Through events and communications, we strive to continually engage our alumni and share their successes with the broader community. Alumni Reunions offer a chance to reconnect with old friends and teachers on campus, while JamFest provides a musical showcase featuring live performances by both former and current MP&MS students.

Forging connections is at the heart of what we do at MP&MS. We would love to share your stories in our magazine, Footsteps.  

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Letter from Dave DeMartini

Hello Marin Primary & Middle School alumni and families!  

I am excited to announce that, after nearly twenty years as Middle School Director and an equal amount of time in the classroom, I have transitioned to Director of Alumni Relations and High School Placement. My new position at MP&MS focuses on connecting with the MP&MS alumni student and parent community and advising eighth-grade students and families as they prepare for next steps after MP&MS. 

Our goals are to welcome our graduates back to the school’s annual events, while simultaneously sharing the stories of those who have been a part of building the legacy of MP&MS’s nearly 50 years! From our first graduate (Kelly Clark, ‘94), to our most recent thirty-seven students that made up the Class of 2022, all are an integral part of the MP&MS story. 

I am excited to reconnect with former students and families so please feel free to reach out to me at any time with updates, news, or questions ( I look forward to hearing from you as MP&MS continues to build on the extraordinary vision of founder Roberta Heath Bradshaw and our first Head of School, David R. Heath.



Dave (Devin ‘97; Matthew ‘02; Ruby DeMartini Cooke ‘33)

Dave DeMartini
Director of Alumni Relations and High School Placement
Dave DeMartini

Dave DeMartini

Director of Alumni Relations & High School Placement

"Marin Primary & Middle School made me feel comfortable to be myself. My teachers encouraged me to make decisions not because someone else thought I should, but because it meant something to me."

-Zoe H., Class of 2016

"When I switched to MP&MS, I immediately felt welcomed by both the teachers and students, and knew that I had entered a safe, nurturing educational environment. My outlook on school totally changed and I believe switching to MP&MS is why I am who I am today. I learned how to advocate for myself, developed resilience, and embraced empathy. I was ready for high school because of the tools I learned. I also thrived academically and socially in college because of MP&MS. My time at MP&MS set me up for success and is truly a very special place."

-Brenna S., Class of 2013