We strive to be a good neighbor in the residential area where our school is located and make every effort to minimize traffic and encourage families to carpool and travel green. We assist with carpool planning and offer bus service to and from San Francisco. In this way, we ensure all of our students get to school in a safe and convenient way that works for all our families. Our small fleet of vans is used to transport students and teachers to field trips and special events beyond our campus.

For MP&MS families who live in San Francisco, our private bus service provides students with a safe, reliable, and fun way to get to and from school every day!  For parents juggling busy schedules, this convenience is an invaluable resource; for students, it's all about the familiarity and fun. 

On Wednesday mornings, we participate in “Walk & Roll” to school. As part of the national Safe Routes to School program, Walk & Roll Wednesdays help to improve the health and well-being of students by encouraging them to carpool, walk and bicycle to school. 

Marin Primary & Middle School provides daily bus service to and from San Francisco. Michael’s Transportation bus service provides all aspects of the service, including the bus drivers and the buses. The commute often becomes a fun daily ritual with friends and classmates. 

I would never give up the bus! Not only does our daughter enjoy riding the bus and seeing her "bus friends," but it has been a godsend for our family in terms of not having to commute or deal with the traffic during school drop-off and pick-up. -Anna D, primary school parent


Here's what some MP&MS students say about the bus....
"It's bumpy and smooth." 
"It makes it easier to come to school every day!" 
"We have a really nice bus driver." 
"We have a little time to chill before we get home." 
"One of my favorite things about the bus is that our driver talks a lot with us."