Board of Trustees

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year at Marin Primary & Middle School. MP&MS is entering its 44th year as an institution, yet is still in the midst of incredible growth. I am very proud to support the school during this exciting time.
My husband and I have three children, two of which are alums and our youngest who is in fifth grade. 
As our children grow, we are grateful to MP&MS for the role it has played in shaping who they are. Our children are confident, curious, engaged and, most importantly, they love going to school. Their enthusiasm towards school is largely attributable to the outstanding faculty and staff at MP&MS. This wonderful group of people recognizes and encourages each student’s strengths and also makes each year unique, challenging and full of learning adventures. 
The Board of Trustees’ role is to support and oversee the Head of School as well as ensure the long-term growth and stability of MP&MS. I am honored to chair this dedicated group of trustees.  
As my family and I enter our thirteenth year at MP&MS, we feel fortunate to be involved in such a wonderful community and couldn’t be more excited for our school’s future.
Samantha Cross
Board Chair

Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Mead Blum

Board Member, Parent

Laura Bradley Davis

Board Member, Parent

Nancy Connery

Board Member, Parent, Alumni Parent

Samantha Cross

Board Member, Chair, Parent, Alumni Parent

Anna Davis

Board Member, Secretary, Parent

Devon Fischer

Parents Association President, Ex-Officio, Parent

Kirsten Goff

Board Member, Parent

Joe Keene

Board Member, Treasurer, Alumni Parent

Hilary King

Board Member, Alumni Parent

Anne Lowinger

Board Member, Parent

Bill Martin

Board Member, Parent

Brendan Moorcroft

Board Member, Parent
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