Message from Peter McCormack, MP&MS Interim Head of School 

Hello MP&MS Families,

It is my honor to be part of this community and to serve as Interim Head of School through June 2021.

I was initially drawn to Marin Primary & Middle School because of its emphasis on deep connections between and among faculty, students, and parents. As I spoke with members of the search committee, their love for the school and the joy it radiated Zoomed through my laptop and strongly affirmed everything I had already learned from afar.

This is my second Interim Headship after retiring from my 25-year stint at Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools in Los Angeles in 2018. I have spent my daily life in schools since I was five years old—first as a student, of course, and then as a teacher, coach, and administrator for well over 40 years. I find myself personally and professionally fueled by the deep relationships that schools, particularly smaller schools, cultivate and thrive on.

We live in turbulent times indeed. For the last two years I served at a young, vibrant school in Hollywood that successfully overcame myriad obstacles during that time, including a remarkable pivot to online learning for the final third of last year. I am full of admiration for the way MP&MS has handled that same challenge. Be assured that we will continue to provide our top-notch education while navigating this unprecedented pandemic safely. Huge kudos to everyone!

As an Englishman, I have always had “Keep Calm and Carry On” as part of my DNA and thus as a guiding light for my leadership style. Despite our difficult times, I believe we live in a time of great hope right now, and I feel privileged to be part of the Panther family as we work together to realize our educational and life dreams.

As always, continue to . .

  • Be Connected
  • Be Curious, and
  • Be Courageous

Very warmly,
Interim Head of School