Message from Peter McCormack, MP&MS Interim Head of School 

Hello MP&MS Families,

It is my honor to be joining you as Interim Head of School after the
Thanksgiving break, and I look forward to meeting everyone very soon, both virtually and in person.

I was initially drawn to Marin Primary & Middle School because of its emphasis on deep connections between and among faculty, students, and parents. As I spoke with members of the search committee, their love for the school and the joy it radiated Zoomed through my laptop and strongly affirmed everything I had already learned from afar.

This will be my second Interim Headship after retiring from my 25-year stint at Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools in Los Angeles in 2018. I have spent my daily life in schools since I was five years old—first as a student, of course, and then as a teacher, coach, and administrator for well over 40 years. I find myself personally and professionally fueled by the deep relationships that schools, particularly smaller schools, cultivate and thrive on.

We live in turbulent times indeed. For the last two years I served at a young, vibrant school in Hollywood that successfully overcame myriad obstacles during that time, including a remarkable pivot to online learning for the final third of last year. I am full of admiration for the way MP&MS has handled that same challenge. Perhaps most importantly, the plan is in place here for just about every eventuality that we might encounter during the next few months. Be assured that we will continue to provide our top-notch education while navigating this unprecedented pandemic safely. Huge kudos to everyone!

As an Englishman, I have always had “Keep Calm and Carry On” as part of my DNA and thus as a guiding light for my leadership style. I know we can handle any challenge, and I look forward to steering the MP&MS ship through the next few months. Despite our difficult times, I believe we live in a time of great hope right now, and I feel privileged to be joining the Panther family as we work together to realize our educational and life dreams.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and look forward to seeing you in the parking lot upon our return to school, Monday November 30th. I’ll be the one in the mask and the Red Sox cap. (Sorry!)

Until then, continue to . .

  • Be Connected
  • Be Curious, and
  • Be Courageous

Very warmly,
Interim Head of School