From the Head of School

Welcome to Marin Primary & Middle School!

Since its founding in 1975, MP&MS has been a place where students and teachers connect with one another and thrive. A mission-driven school, MP&MS prides itself on our warm community that honors each child and carries students along a journey to high school and beyond.

My own MP&MS journey started from a distance. For over two decades, I was a high school educator in Marin, working as a teacher and administrator. MP&MS students always stood out for me and my high school colleagues. MP&MS students know how to work hard, advocate for themselves, and build community. They are at the heart of everything that goes well in and out of the classroom. Working with MP&MS alumni and their parents, I gained insight into a special place. 

As head of school at MP&MS since 2021, I have had a front-row seat to the best in early childhood and elementary education. The commitment of the MP&MS faculty and staff is second to none. Using standards-based curriculum augmented and deepened by their own years of experience, our teachers, as our mission statement says, “inspire joyful learning” each and every day. A rich and robust specialist program of arts, language, and STEAM offerings and a thoughtful SEL program further develop our students’ academic capabilities. MP&MS students know how to work hard and to dream big. They make me feel optimistic about our collective future.

I invite you to learn more about MP&MS. Feel free to send me an email to continue the conversation.


Phil Gutierrez