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Ellen Abrams


Gaida Abuelqasem

Preschool Teacher - Seashore

Heather Amato

Preschool Teacher - Barn

Nicole Artiga-Purcell

2nd Grade Teacher

Nora Bailetti

Spanish Teacher

Jess Beckham

6th Grade Math & Science Teacher

Daydra Bell

6th Grade Humanities Teacher

Sara Bender

7th & 8th Grade Spanish Teacher

Derek Berka

7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher

Molly Berthold

Preschool Teacher - Forest

Kate Brubaker

School Counselor

Charlotte Butti

Communications & Marketing Manager
1 2 3 8 > showing 1 - 12 of 87 constituents
Teacher Speak

"I am amazed at the talent and dedication of the teachers here. To be in a community where you see people so dedicated to their jobs, taking so much interest in the kids, doing so much to make the school run better-I've always found it inspiring."

- Tom Rosko, retired Learning Resource Specialist and alumni parent