Diversity & Inclusion

Marin Primary & Middle School is committed to providing a just, equitable, and safe community for all students, teachers, and families. With a longstanding commitment to sustaining an inclusive community, we honor each child’s journey, encourage authenticity, and embrace growth. We teach and practice empathy to resist the limits we may put on ourselves or others.

As an educator, I fundamentally believe that schools cannot be academically excellent if they are not inclusive, equitable spaces. One of our key responsibilities is to make sure that we know the whole child in front of us, and DEIJ work allows us to know how to reach every one of our students. DEIJ exists within our mission, and I'm glad to be part of our school's journey to be even more inclusive and equitable.

Phil Gutierrez, Head of School

Parents and the school share a commitment not only to further diversifying MP&MS with students and faculty from differing cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, but to cultivating a culture of inclusion that is reflective of our mission. Ensuring that our curricula reflect the diversity of thought and experiences in our world, and raising awareness of our personal biases around questions of race, religion, gender identity, gender expression, abilities, and socio-economic differences, is fundamental to who and what MP&MS is all about. This is ongoing work that is substantial and nuanced, and it requires us to be constantly mindful in an ever-changing world.

We believe that it's deep connections - between students, with teachers, and with ideas - that help kids know themselves and push through boundaries in school and in life. Fostering resilient, empathetic, and successful students and global citizens is at the core of our MP&MS mission to make education meaningful, while encouraging pride in self, respect for others, and enthusiasm for learning. The more we evolve as an inclusive community, the better prepared our students are as connected, curious, and courageous learners who are informed, engaged, and equipped to make a difference in the world around them.  As an intentional, forward-thinking, inclusive community, we feel grounded and known–and that solid foundation sets us on a courageous learning journey.

Our school community reflects many forms of diversity, including gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, geography, religion, physical abilities, learning styles, sexual orientation, family structure, and socio-economic status. Sustaining an inclusive community is an ongoing process, and is at the heart of our mission. Our culturally responsive practices provide windows and mirrors for children and adults within our community.

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Joey Higuera

Joey Higuera

Spanish Teacher & DEIJ Coordinator

We enhance our community through:

  • Curriculum development
  • Service learning
  • Community outreach
  • Professional development
  • Diversity & Inclusion Group (DIG)
  • Seeking Education Equity and Diversity Group (S.E.E.D.)