Core Values & Portrait of a Graduate

In 2020, representatives from the MP&MS leadership team and board of trustees joined a working group, led by veteran educator and independent school advisor Al Adams, to define and distill the institutional core values that distinguish the MP&MS learning journey. Over the course of six months, in collaboration with key constituents and subcommittees, the Core Values and Portrait of an MP&MS Graduate documents took shape. These living documents represent both what MP&MS stands for today, and what we aspire to be as a flourishing and evolving educational community.

Core Values

Our core values at Marin Primary & Middle School are rooted in the importance of developing character through courage, inspiring curiosity, and fostering a connected community. We measure our success by the behavior and accomplishments of every student, in every classroom, every day.

WE VALUE COURAGE Growing people of character alone is not enough; we teach courage to push through boundaries in learning and in life. 

  • Kindness - We promote respect and empathy by listening to and learning from people of all backgrounds and experiences

  • Authenticity - We encourage every student to be their authentic selves and we commit to every child feeling known and valued

  • Integrity - We are authentic, respectful and honest in our relationships and we honor each stage of character development 

  • Resilience - We encourage students to take risks in learning and in life and view struggle as a means to progress 

  • Advocacy - We commit to working daily towards social, racial and environmental justice.

WE VALUE CURIOSITY Active, engaged learning leads to lasting understanding and empowers growing minds. 

  • Limitless Potential - We unleash each child’s strengths so that they develop a love of learning 

  • Intellectual Curiosity - We teach children to inquire, reach academically, and persist when faced with challenges

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence - We prioritize and integrate social, emotional, and intellectual learning in and out of the classroom  

  • Insight - We teach children to cultivate self-awareness and pursue their passions so they can step into who they want to become

  • Creativity - We celebrate creativity in everything we do, blending structure and freedom and incorporating traditional as well as novel approaches

WE VALUE CONNECTION Meaningful connections build community and spark growth and learning. 

  • Relationships - We are a welcoming community that fosters deep connections between people, among disciplines, and between students and the world around them

  • Self Awareness - We empower students to know themselves and to be self-advocates, navigating the world with courage and wisdom 

  • Collaboration - We practice learning with others to build insight, deepen empathy, and ignite inspiration

  • Inclusion -We are committed to listening to all voices, embracing honest conversations, and advocating for inclusion and equity in our community. 

  • Service -We serve our local and global neighborhood with compassion and action

Portrait of a Graduate

Marin Primary & Middle School offers a learning journey that amplifies each child’s inherent strengths, helping them to build the intellectual skills, social awareness, and emotional courage that will serve them throughout their lives. From preschool through eighth grade, we engage children in a warm academic environment that embraces growth and honors the journey of learning. Each stage of their development is a building block to ensure future success in the classroom and beyond.   

Our preschool students explore and discover, learning through play as they build self-confidence, gain independence, and develop critical social skills through their interactions with teachers and other children.

Students in our primary school connect to the people and ideas around them in the context of a joyous, creative, and challenging learning atmosphere. They go on to middle school as kind, grounded, and inquisitive learners. 

In middle school, students rise to the challenge of a strong academic program and become leaders, independent thinkers, self-advocates, and engaged citizens. 

As graduates, MP&MS students emerge with a passion for inquiry and empathy. They are:

  • Empowered Learners who think critically and creatively, are self-directed, and develop a personal relationship with learning.

  • Authentic Advocates who learn with and from each other and teach the group to respect the individual. MP&MS graduates know who they are, how they learn best, and how to advocate for themselves and others.

  • Confident Contributors who develop strong alliances with teachers and adults based on mutual respect. Our graduates communicate with ease and confidence one-on-one and in front of a group.

  • Playful Innovators who are inspired to create, innovate, and play as they learn.

  • Empathetic Leaders with big hearts, who are community-minded and are driven to make a difference. 

You will love who your child becomes at
Marin Primary & Middle School.