School Life

MP&MS provides ongoing support of a child’s intellectual, creative, physical, and social-emotional development from preschool through eighth grade.

Health & Wellness

School Nurse

The Marin Primary & Middle School full-time school nurse provides support to students and staff and also oversees the school’s health policies and programs. An individual health record is maintained for each student and, for tracking purposes, every visit to the nurse’s office is logged. The nurse provides hugs and comfort measures, and serves as a liaison between school staff, family, and health care providers.


Marin Primary & Middle School is a nut-free campus. We provide nutritious, low sugar snacks and encourage lifelong healthy eating habits in our students.

A snack is provided to all students during morning recess, to preschool students in the afternoon, and to all students in the After School program. Snack consists mainly of cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit.

Marin Primary & Middle School partners with a local lunch service, SchoolFoodies, to deliver lunches that complement our curriculum and commitment to health and wellness.

Recess at Marin Primary & Middle School

Our new Marin Primary & Middle School schoolyard opened to students in March 2014. The playground is designed to support unstructured play as a basic ingredient for children’s healthy growth and development. In addition to providing opportunities for activity, recess provides children the chance to play and learn to get along with others. While there are plenty of opportunities for unstructured play, there are also supervised games; opportunities to spend time in the garden, art studio, or library; Lego construction projects and knitting lessons, and a range of other interesting choices.

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