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MP&MS creates a dynamic, nurturing, and challenging environment where children thrive and grow as creative thinkers and inspired learners.


Welcome to Marin Primary & Middle School, a vibrant learning community where preschool, primary and middle school students thrive as learners and as people. 

Since MP&MS’ inception just over 40 years ago, our faculty and staff have remained true to the school’s founding philosophy that childhood is a time to be treasured and that children learn best when they are socially confident, emotionally secure and actively engaged in the learning process. Today, these principles guide all facets of our educational program. 

MP&MS offers a well-paced, integrated curriculum and team teaching model that guides students along each phase of their educational journey. From the earliest years of play-based learning to primary and middle school grades when students collaborate and utilize design thinking to solve problems, MP&MS focuses on creating enriching experiences that foster interpersonal and academic growth. Our philosophy and approach go hand in hand:

We cultivate academic excellence, providing a meaningful, challenging and integrated curriculum led by teams of teachers in core subject areas who partner with specialist teachers in Spanish, projects lab, art, music, drama, physical education, library/media and gardening to engage students as they apply problem-solving strategies and creative thinking to new situations. 

We honor the pace of each student’s development, recognizing that differences in the way students embrace, understand and express knowledge can provide unique opportunities that make learning relevant for all kinds of learners, and strengthen the overall learning experience. Together with our learning resource specialists, we ensure that students are appropriately engaged when they need help and actively supported when they need a greater challenge.

We foster a love of learning and intellectual inquiry, encouraging students to expand their minds and deepen their self expression through hands on projects and collaborative activities that promote teamwork while exploring areas of interest that plant the seeds of lifelong passions. From the art, drama and music studios, to the library media center, science labs, classrooms, projects lab, garden, and other outdoor spaces, the campus is filled with the warmth and energy of teachers and students and a spirit of collaboration and innovation.

We treasure the journey and admire the outcome, taking great pride in hearing alumni students share a common sentiment that their years at MP&MS have prepared them to step with confidence into high school and onto the path beyond.

With many exciting new developments in the 2016-2017 year ahead featuring an expanded Middle School, dedicated science lab and dynamic new class schedule, we welcome the opportunity to share more about what makes our school such a special place. 

Julie Elam

Head of School

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