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MP&MS Launches the Fund for Financial Aid

April 29, 2019

Opening Doors”

At Marin Primary & Middle School, we believe that it’s deep connections—between students, with teachers, and with ideas—that help kids know themselves and push through boundaries in school and in life. Every day, we strengthen these connections so that our students are able to tackle new ideas and challenges, pursue their goals with optimism and courage, and apply all they learn to the world they’ll inherit. 

As we work to prepare our students for success in school and in life, we know that we must model the socio-economic spectrum of diversity beyond our campus. In concert with the school’s mission and values, this fund will support our commitment to financial aid and the resulting benefits it provides in perpetuity. 

Gifts to this fund are the foundation of permanently restricted dollars for tuition assistance. For a school such as ours that is still relatively young, this fund creates an extraordinary opportunity and represents an important step towards long term sustainability. Our commitment to a vibrantly diverse student body in our primary and middle schools is at the center of this initiative. Establishing an endowment will mean greater access to more students with financial need now and into the future. 

This year’s Fund a Need allows us to dream big. It will not only inevitably enrich our school community but also shows a commitment to our broader community. We are leading by example by making a commitment to share our precious school with kids who could not otherwise afford to attend. Your donated dollars are 100% tax deductible as charitable gifts. 

Please join us by contributing here. 


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