Primary School

Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center in the Primary Grades

The Learning Resource Center, known more commonly as the LRC, is an integral part of the daily life of the school. The goal of the LRC is to provide responsive academic support to ensure every child is making progress and experiencing success. MP MS has had a learning support program since the very early days of the school, and our director of learning resources is a member of the school’s leadership team, helping to integrate school priorities from a learning resources perspective into the life of the school. The LRC staff includes learning specialists and programs that support students, classrooms, and the school as a whole in a variety of deep and meaningful ways.

The LRC is staffed by the director of learning resources, four learning specialists and outside consultants. Our learning specialists plan and consult regularly with teachers about individual and groups of students who struggle academically or need academic enrichment. The LRC facilitates small group skill-building and academic enrichment groups, and provides one-to-one targeted remediation for students where indicated. The LRC coordinates standardized and other academic assessment throughout the school.

When a need for student support or enrichment is identified, a team of teachers, parents, administrators, and other significant professionals develop a plan to address the child’s needs. The learning specialists and classroom teachers work in tandem to implement the recommended classroom accommodations. Referrals for tutors, learning specialists, and other outside professionals are provided as needed.

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