Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.


Early Language Learning

Beginning in preschool, Marin Primary & Middle School students study Spanish in classes led by teachers who are native speakers of the language. The program begins with a focus on oral communication through everyday expression to familiarize students with sounds, intonation, and pronunciation of the Spanish language. 

At this level we want to create an environment where the children can enjoy and be eager to learn a new language. We use active and engaging activities for the students to experience. At this young age we have what is called “the silent period” in which language patterns and sounds are absorbed by the children. As they become more familiar with their teacher, they begin to communicate in the new language. The curriculum in preschool concentrates on basic vocabulary. The students learn through songs, visuals, games, hands-on materials, and TPR (total physical response).

Goals and Objectives:

  • Listen to and act out a song
  • Reproduce sounds and words in Spanish
  • Demonstrate active listening skill
  • Instill an early awareness and understanding of different cultures and people, and the richness of the many ways of being human

Our students learn about the history, geography, music, art, traditions, and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Their experiences in the Spanish program provide important preparation not only for future language study, but also for their participation as members of the global community of the future.

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