Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.


Educating Through Music

The Marin Primary & Middle School music program is based on Orff-Schulwerk, an internationally recognized approach to teaching music and movement. We recognize that children are naturally playful, exploratory, tactile, and inquisitive. The emphasis on imitation and improvisation celebrates these musical tendencies, while also building the foundation for future development.

Our program recognizes the many doors through which a child can enter the musical world, and provides opportunities for aural, visual, and kinesthetic learners to feel successful in music. We nurture the whole musician, encouraging students to hear, feel, understand, and physically express musical concepts. This contributes to children’s ability to synthesize the intellect, senses, emotions, and body in ways that have important implications in their total educational experience. The social dimensions of making music in a group, as well as frequent performance opportunities in assemblies, informal gatherings, and presentations for parents are also central to the music program.

Preschool Music Program

The preschool program includes purposefully selected materials and activities to develop children’s sequencing, reaction to stimuli, and expression. Language, pre-reading, and cognitive learning are heightened using music, movement, drama, and imaginative play.  
We use music to foster and support the child’s social behavior, independence, and readiness to communicate and cooperate, and focus on their emotional development as they give expression to feelings and experiences, in a musical way. Cognitive development in areas such as concentration and memory are fundamental aspects of the curriculum. Kinesthetic, interpersonal, logical, verbal, and musical intelligences develop side-by-side and are given focus and attention in each music class.

Movement, dance, and drama are interwoven into many activities and experiences. Students learn important behavior patterns which become vital to their entire learning process.

Our developmentally appropriate materials, activities, and concepts give rise to students who effortlessly come to music and engage and involve themselves in their own learning, with each child participating at his or her comfort level.

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