Middle School

Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.

Community Service

Marin Primary & Middle School students, families, and faculty are actively involved in experiences that foster growth and deepen understanding of all kinds – academic, social, and emotional. This is at the core of the school’s community service program, one of the tools used to integrate the school’s mission into the life of our students as we strengthen the qualities of respect, compassion and responsibility for others and inspire children to make a difference in the world.

Community service in the middle school combines the principles of experiential learning, the development of an understanding of others beyond the self, and the importance of service to the community. Through our program, students develop a sense of stewardship within our community, see that they are part of a larger whole, both locally and globally, and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our world. In the middle school, students participate in grade-specific projects, usually linked to topics in the curriculum, and participate in a range of activities that expose them to important issues they can address in a meaningful way. These experiences help broaden the students’ awareness and understanding of communities both in Marin and beyond.

Each middle school student is required to fulfill a specific number of community service hours. School-related service includes peer tutoring, student council, or volunteering in our preschool or After School Program. Non-school related service might include participation in an environmental project, a local food bank, a clothing drive, animal rescue support, or other activities with groups that support similar programs.

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