Middle School

Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.

Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center, also known as the LRC, is an integral part of the school. Our goal is to provide responsive support to ensure every child is making progress and experiencing success.

MP&MS teachers recognize and appreciate the unique learning profiles of our students, including their strengths and challenges. LRC specialists work with teachers to identify the best strategies to provide support and/or challenge for students in their classrooms. They also work directly with small groups and individual students to strengthen skills and support academic success. As students discover how they learn best, they begin to develop the confidence and ability to become effective self-advocates.

The LRC is staffed by the director of learning resources, four learning specialists, and outside consultants to provide a variety of services to students, teachers, and parents. The learning specialists consult with classroom teachers and division directors, administer screenings and additional assessment as needed, and ensure the flow of communication about children’s learning needs as they move through the grades. When a need for student support or enrichment is identified, a team of teachers, parents, administrators, and other significant professionals develop a plan to address the child’s needs. The learning specialists and classroom teachers work in tandem to implement the recommended classroom accommodations. Referrals for tutors, learning specialists, and other outside professionals are provided as needed.

Most of the services provided by the Learning Resource Center are part of the overall program. There are additional fees for regular one-to-one support and pull out small groups beyond fourth grade, and for the middle school LRC Homework Club. 

Middle School LRC

LRC support in the middle school focuses on three main areas: skill-based remediation, curriculum support or extension, and executive functioning support.

LRC learning specialists work closely with middle school teachers to ensure that information about students learning needs is implemented in the classroom. Reading and math screenings are conducted at the beginning of each year in fifth and sixth grades (and to new students to the school).

The learning specialists provide small group and one-to-one support for identified students in targeted subjects, usually language arts and math. Strengthening study and organizational skills are central to LRC support in middle school. 

Students receiving support from the LRC support may attend the LRC Homework Club as part of their school support program.

Standardized Testing

MP&MS administers the ERB (Education Record Bureau) CTP-4 standardized test annually in fourth through eighth grades. LRC staff facilitates the administration of the ERBs, usually in January or February.

Starting in the spring of the seventh grade, students are given a benchmark SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test). Eighth graders applying to many of the independent high schools typically take the SSAT over the fall months. MP&MS is an SSAT National Test Site in October, November, and December.

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