Middle School

Children are naturally eager to question, develop their own theories — even change a point of view.

Middle School Welcome

Welcome to middle school, where our focus is to understand, support, and educate enthusiastic learners as they transition from childhood to adolescence.  Our goal is to mentor our students as they grow to be confident, curious scholars and generous, compassionate global citizens.

Middle school includes grade five through eight.  Fifth grade is led by two full-time homeroom teachers with an expected class of thirty-two students. This year’s middle school expansion sets the stage for the growth of sixth, seventh and eighth grade to forty-five students each over the coming three years, with sixth beginning the expansion this year.  Class size is 12 to 16 students per instructor, which supports our goal of cultivating positive relationships between students and teachers. Small learning groups also ensure that each child is well known by all faculty.

Each day in middle school begins with Advisory, a time when students check in with their advisors and the other students in their group. It is a dedicated time for students to focus on organizational, executive functioning, and study skills, and to receive academic support during study halls. Advisory is also a time when students participate in social-emotional, community building and life skills activities.

Led by dedicated teachers, our strong core academic program (math, humanities, science, and Spanish) is integrated with our specialist program (art, music, drama, P.E. and projects lab). Teachers and specialists plan together to design well-rounded, relevant and meaningful learning experiences.  Our middle school classrooms, designed for whole and half-class instruction, provide teachers and specialists with the flexibility to create effective and engaging multidisciplinary, integrated units and projects. Small learning groups make it possible to provide a personalized educational experience within the context of a classroom community.

As you walk through our middle school you will often observe students working together. We value collaboration and communication, and encourage students to work respectfully with one another as they learn. Whether designing a group presentation in humanities, collaborating with a partner to construct something in projects lab, setting up a team science experiment in our lab, or grappling with a complex math problem as a class, our students grow by working together. 

MP&MS teachers serve as mentors as middle school students evolve academically and socially. They support our students as each works to develop the skills and abilities to courageously take a stand for what is right, to assist others in need, to include those who otherwise might not be included, and to reflect on one’s mistakes and try again. Inspiring children to make a difference in the world is embedded in our mission, and community service is integrated into our students’ school experience.  Our teachers embrace parents as partners, and we encourage and enjoy open dialog in order to support each student and family.  Every adult at MP&MS is here to help, encourage, and inspire each student to meet his or her highest level of individual accomplishment.

Our goal is to guide our students as they discover passion and purpose, and to help them prepare for their futures by developing an understanding of themselves as learners and as people. Through this thoughtful and intentional work, our graduates leave MP&MS as confident self-advocates and enthusiastic life-long learners, well prepared to move on and succeed through their high school years and beyond.

Dave DeMartini
Middle School Director

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